Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hapara Works with IS 49 Educators at the NYC Gap App Challenge Design Event

On Saturday I had the opportunity to sit down with a group of NYC DOE teachers, administrators, and change directors at the NYC DOE Gap App Challenge workshop. Our team is honored to have been selected to work with the intrepid teachers of IS 49, a title 1 middle school on Staten Island.

Our task is to take our existing knowledge management platform for Google Apps using educators and work closely with the IS 49 team to find some aspect of our tools and make it better. The Hapara team humbly serves educators in nearly 30 countries. We work with a wide range of schools that serve a diversity of students. We learn from our international schools that serve expatriate and international business communities. We learn from our suburban schools who frequently have the privilege of serving their communities with dedicated technology directors and technology integration specialists. We learn from our charter school networks that are taking managed risks every year to discover or in some cases, rediscover, education models that will move the needle on student achievement. Our foray into IS 49, and our expansion into several other New York City schools this fall will be an opportunity for the Hapara Team to learn how our tools, coupled with the Google infrastructure, can best serve a population of students with lower education capital than many of our other clients.

The learning began on Saturday as we spent time troubleshooting how to reconfigure the work flow of our partner teachers at IS 49 to ensure that students would be producing digital work in their Google Apps domain on a regular basis. Having been a teacher for 20 years myself, I continue to be amazed at the flexibility and willingness to adapt that I discover every time I work with a group of teachers. It is with honor, humility, and hope that I enter into a year of discovery invention with our IS 49 partners.

Jack West
Lead Educator
Hapara Team