Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy Puts Student Voice Front and Center with Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps

Good things are happening at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Science Teacher Tim Best and his colleagues are deep users of Google Apps. SLA has cultivated a culture of writing across the curriculum. This is facilitated by cloud-based sharing of documents in Google Apps, and critical friends groups that engage in peer editing.

SLA started using Teacher Dashboard to increase teacher productivity and deepen use of Google Apps amongst the students in the Fall of 2012. Tim tells us, “Teacher Dashboard saves me an hour’s worth of work every time I want to collect student products.”

Marcie Hull, SLA technology integration specialist, notes, “When the teachers need me to help make changes in Google Apps for their students, it is one or two clicks, some typing, and I’m done.”

Take a visit to the SLA website. It is worth the trip to see how they put student voice front and center.

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