Saturday, 16 February 2013

ePortfolios: A Teacher's Perspective

There are many things to consider before introducing ePortfolios 
into your classroom.

  Some points for consideration:
  - What sort of access do my students have to computers and devices?  
  - What ways can I maximise this access? - e.g. afterhours use of school  equipment, byod, etc.
  - How reliable is the internet connection? 
  - How long will the ePortfolio be in use - 1 year, 2 years, etc?
  - What storage requirements are my students going to need?  
  - Will the ePortfolio be protected, or open to others?
  - What are the technicial skills of my students and what do they need to learn?
  - Do I have all the tools required - cameras, scanners, etc?
-       How will the parents/caregivers interact with the ePortfolio?

How to manage ePortfolios in the classroom or school:
1.   Change in teaching practice needed, not just add onto what you are already doing.
2.   Lots of PD for teachers.
3.   Just in time sessions on a regular basis for teachers.
4.   Train a few 'student experts' who then teach others.
5.   Much of the student input can be done at home, if access is available.   Connecting to learning, reflections and metacognitive activities could replace useless homework worksheets.